Valuation Request

If you need to know the real value of your property, be it residential, commercial & industrial or rural lifestyle, give Carter Valuations Ltd a call on 684-6503, or visit our office on 100 Le Cren Street in Timaru, or complete the “Valuation Request Form” below.

We endeavour to respond to your request straight away with the actual valuation report being ready within your timeframe.  Industrial, commercial, farm valuations can take a little longer.

We prefer to email your valuation report directly to you and your banker / broker / insurer if required.  We will also email you the invoice for payment.

We are usually in each outlying  area at least once a fortnight and quite often weekly.

Once your valuation report is prepared for you it will include all legal details of your property, maps, titles, valuation summary, mortgage recommendation, sales comparisons and general detailed comments regarding the property.

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